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Testimonials About Our Therapists

Testimonials about our therapists

"I just wanted to write to you and let you know how grateful I feel. Your therapists were gracious, empathetic, and professional. Not once did they try to take over- they worked with Michael in a way that made us feel included. They are the most knowledgeable therapists I have ever met, and I just hope we continue to have such luck in Michael’s education."
-- N.W.

"Thanks for sending us a real “Angel”. This is the first time I have seen a therapist make the ABA work for Sarah, instead of making her fit the ABA. What a difference!"
-- F.B.

"Every time I call your office, I hang up the phone smiling. How do you get your staff to be so courteous and upbeat all the time?!"
-- R.T.

"Finally, a therapist that did not get overwhelmed with Jake’s behavior! She understands what’s going on, and her strategies actually work! Thank you thank you thank you!"
-- N.S.

"We had so many therapies for Ariella; thank you for handling them all in such a professional manner, and with such great coordination. You have truly been the silver lining in a difficult situation."
-- B.L.

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