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Early Intervention:
A Positive Approach to Child Development

Classic's Early Intervention Program

Classic's Early Intervention program was founded to offer infants, toddlers and their families effective services by experts in child development, to maximize development in these crucial, formative years.

Classic is a leader in the field of Early Intervention, widely recognized by parents and therapists for the caliber and professionalism of our clinicians.

Our comprehensive approach supports and empowers families, using a team approach to develop and implement meaningful intervention tailored to the child and their family unit. Classic's mission to support optimal development accentuates and reinforces individual strengths. We firmly believe that the family is the primary player in our mutual goals. Our many specialists are available to facilitate the best possible outcome for the family’s Early Intervention experience.


Education for Families Seeking Early Intervention:

The NJ Early Intervention Program  

Our program includes a valuable coaching component, offering parent education that supports a holistic view of the therapies. Studies have demonstrated the efficacy of identifying and understanding the skills, strengths and needs of the entire child, within the context of their natural environment. This approach supports meaningful success, making a difference today and for all of her tomorrows.

We offer continuation of services after the child has
"graduated" from EI. For more information see

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