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Therapeutic Services Workshops and Training

Therapy Training

Classic is a leading resource for professionals striving to provide quality driven therapeutic services across all disciplines and settings. We advocate for meaningful and measurable goals, achieved with a focus on the full scope of the client’s individuality and skills.

In our mission to enhance service delivery to clients of all backgrounds, ages, and capabilities, Classic sponsors seminars, presentations and individual counseling to clinicians, and is available to schools, behavioral centers, rehab sites and families. We provide evidence-based guidance that best meets the individualized needs of our diverse clientele.

Training: Education for Success

Therapy Workshops  
Education is key to delivering outcome centered, quality intervention, while keeping abreast of new techniques and current research- based approaches. In keeping with Classic’s philosophy, we provide professional, cutting edge continuing education that is breathtaking in scope and practical at its core. Increase your effectiveness and confidence, expand and strengthen your skills, and improve client satisfaction.  

Since 1997, Classic has shared its knowledge and experience with therapists from around the country, raising the bar on professional standards and facilitating the growth of aspiring therapists from a diverse array of settings.
To date, Classic has helped thousands of clinicians by providing them with cutting edge tools and information they need to service an expanding and increasingly diversified population.  

Workshops and seminars by leading experts offer opportunities for the novice and the seasoned clinician, facilitating growth, confidence and empowerment.
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